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Exceptional Quality

For over 20 years, GK Welding, INC. has been serving the Bay Area market by providing the fabrication and installation of Structural, Architectural, and Miscellaneous Metals. With projects spanning numerous categories including single & multi-family housing, and mixed-use spaces, GK Welding has successfully completed jobs all over the Bay Area for dozens of General Contractors and Owners. Our success in the construction industry is fundamentally rooted in advanced project management techniques, a streamlined fabrication shop, and an extremely talented field crew led by success-oriented foremen. Our diverse portfolio of jobs exemplifies our ability to achieve high level finishes with our work as well as meeting the most stringent engineering codes in California.

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Who We Are

Our team is comprised of exceptional leaders, innovational thinkers, and success driven employees that embody the strong work ethic we have always exhibited since the inception of our company. 

What We Do

Since the genesis of the company in 1999, GK Welding, INC. has been the pinnacle of Structural and Miscellaneous steel production and installation in the entire Bay Area.

All About Safety

GK Welding, INC. is all about safety. We've partnered with GotSafety to institute safety trainings for our shop and field crews as well as an intensely thorough Safety Program that dictates our working procedures in everything we do. 

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